Friday, Apr. 21st, 2017, 14:00 – 15:00 h

Presentation Title:

What’s in Your Food?
Accurately Find and Identify Residues and Contaminants with Advances in LC-MS/MS

Speaker (picture attached)Jens Dahlmann
Dr Jens Dahlmann
SCIEX, Darmstadt, Germany



Food testing can be a challenging and complex job. From sample preparation (so many different matrices!) to residue detection (so many different compounds from pesticides and mycotoxins, and not to mention the mysterious unknowns!), going from the raw sample to the final result of “What is in this food sample?” is no trivial task. Luckily, a number of analytical tools and workflows are available to ease the pain and help you to answer the question above, quickly and efficiently, but also with the confidence that you arrived at the right result, every time. In this presentation, we will describe new LC-MS/MS technology and software tools that will make your food testing workflows more routine than ever. We will highlight new High Resolution LC-MS/MS instrumentation that can allow you to screen large samples sets for hundreds of contaminants and residues, whilst reducing the risk of reporting a positive results and lowering the likelihood of missing a result (fewer false positives).  We will also show new routines for bringing together both quantitation and identification data into a single, intuitive to use platform, for streamlined data interrogation, and touch upon novel ways to reduce troublesome matrix interferences.