All participants are required to register to participate at the 25HSKIKI through the online registration form (ORF). Before you do so, please take a few minutes to review the process of the registration, abstracts submission and accommodation booking in partner hotels, which are clearly presented below.

NOTE: If you intend to apply for the bursary, please click the tag “Bursaries” on the main menu and follow the instructions there.

STEP 1: Complete and submit the ORF

Complete the ORF taking care to give accurate information on your academic status, membership in scientific and professional associations, age, dates of departure and arrival etc. Make sure that the data that affect the amount of the registration fee shall be systematically checked.

STEP 2. Registration confirmation and the fee payment

After you submit the duly completed ORF, you will get an e-mail with the instructions for the payment of the registration fee. Pay the registration fee at your earliest convenience. Only when funds are received, you registration to the 25HSKIKI will be considered completed.

STEP 3. Confirmation of the registration fee payment

Once your fee is received, you will get a new automatic e-mail confirming the registration fee payment, containing the code for the accommodation booking in partner hotels and the link to the abstract submission system.

STEP 4. Abstract upload

Every registered participant at the 25HSKIKI may submit only one abstract and only through the automatic system for abstract submission approach to which will be provided by an automated email (see Step 3).

STEP 5. Reservation of accommodation in partner hotels

Use the link to the reservation system of our partner hotels and the received code (see Step 3) to book your desired accommodation.

Registration fees for certain categories of participants at the 25HSKIKI (prices in HRK / EUR)

Category PAID by Feb. 17th, 2017 PAID after Feb. 18th, 2017
Regular registration fee  1.500,00 / 200,00) 1.800,00 / 240,00)
IUPAC, HKD and/or HDKI members 1.350,00 / 180,00) 1.600,00 / 210,00)
School teachers 750,00 / 100,00) 900,00 / 120,00)
Students (PhD, MSc) 750,00 / 100,00) 900,00 / 120,00)
Retirees free of charge free of charge
One-day educational section (school teachers) free of charge free of charge
Plenary and invited lecturers free of charge free of charge

Student or retiree status as well as the membership in the societies is to be proven by the relevenat documents.